Zoo day? Let’s make it a mammal theme day!

There are many themes we can choose to teach Spanish. The the most populars are: las partes del cuerpo (bodyparts), la comida (food) la ropa (clothes). All of these are great to learn vocabulary but they are not so great when the objective of the class is to challenge students to think in Spanish and most importantly converse in Spanish.

Which themes are good for creating conversation and  a little bit of controversy among students? A good one is the mammal theme, los mamíferos.

Among the animal kingdom, mammals are easy to study and learn about. There are mammals in the ocean, in the land and in the sky! There is a vast amount of vocabulary your student can practice and learn with. My students loved learning about the mammals body temperature and about the only mammal that can fly. They all quizzed their parents and what was really cute was that they all said the name of the animal in Spanish “murciélago”. Now, we only need to go to the zoo to complete our lesson! Controversy came when students started discussing what animals they thought were mammals, such as tiburones (sharks).

Image 1 300x187 Zoo day? Lets make it a mammal theme day!

Mammal theme lesson.


Here are awesome free printables about mammals in Spanish via Mommy Maestra

Spanish preschool mammal printables 300x200 Zoo day? Lets make it a mammal theme day!

Mommy Maestra has found a great list of books to enrich your lesson:

pinit fg en rect red 28 Zoo day? Lets make it a mammal theme day!

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