St. Patrick’s Card Game

Let’s play a St. Patrick’s Card game to learn spanish and practice visual and memory skills.

Most children love to build, and puzzles are a great way to practice building skills. Building and composing activities promote hand-eye coordination, problem solving, memory and self-correcting skills.

One building and composing activity that is ideally for work tasks at school or during quiet time at home, is “composing by following a task card”. Children can independently learn about shapes, numbers, colors and letters.

For St. Patrick’s day, I created a game with task cards to practice color vocabulary, color sequence (in Spanish) and memory skills.

You can play two ways:

Activity 1: Children compose a clover by following the color sequence of the card.

IMG 7341 300x233 St. Patricks Card Game

Board game and task cards

Activity  2: Show a card for a few seconds. Children compose the clover that you show them by following the color sequence of the card.

spd blog3 300x231 St. Patricks Card Game

Game cards.

The board and the cards are pretty easy to do, since all shapes are hearts (corazones).

You can always download our Día de San Patricio bundle, which includes this game as well as many other printables, activities and resources.

 stp 300x210 St. Patricks Card Game

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