¿Cómo hacer un adivinador de papel con niños?

Today I had a very small class, so I asked my 4 students for ideas of what do to. They offered making a piñata, baking cookies… but the most realistic idea proposed in a 75 minute class was to make paper fortune tellers.

So I asked, How do you make un papel de la fortuna?

As soon as a student started explaining the detailed steps and that we just needed a piece of paper, I was sold! It’s not because she had said “sólo necesitamos un papel Angélica,” but she had to teach the class (including me) on how to make this magical project.

We all sat down with just one piece of paper and she began: Primero dobla el papel para que esta puntita llegue hasta el otro lado… Luego…

What I truly adore about today’s class is not that I will become una gran artista de pop como Katy Perry (a pop singer like Katy Perry), but that she was so thoughtful, patient and engaging while explaining the project… all in Spanish, of course!

Do you want to make one? Here’s a how-to.

fortune ¿Cómo hacer un adivinador de papel con niños?

Ask your students to teach a game or an activity to the class. Perhaps a dance step? It will be easier for them to teach the activity as a step-by-step process.

What a great way to practice their language skills and build self-confidence skills!

pinit fg en rect red 28 ¿Cómo hacer un adivinador de papel con niños?