¡Maestras! Plan ahead and win awesome Spanish Classroom Posters.

Yes, we are all enjoying great summer weather, late dinners with friends and fun-filled days! Going back to school might be a few weeks away but why not start prepping now and save time in the long run.

As a Spanish teacher I think that certain things are key to have a successful year. One thing that I have learned throughout the years is that I need to make sure to keep my student’s families are involved and well informed about what we are learning in class. Most of my families don’t know spanish and I want to make sure they take their children Spanish class as importantly as their math or science class. Here are my tips to help you be the most famous teacher of the school:

1. Send a letter introducing yourself but most importantly introducing the spanish program and what goals you have for your class.

2. Attach a basic vocabulary list of the words and phrases you will be using throughout the school year.

3. Send updates regularly. The updates should include resources, ideas and tips so that parents can practice at home.

4. Decorate your classroom with materials in Spanish. Who doesn’t like to read labels and posters?

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Finally our best tip!
Save time and win a set of our educational Spanish Classroom Posters from Monarca Language to decorate your classroom.
Classrrom posters ¡Maestras! Plan ahead and win awesome Spanish Classroom Posters.

¡Super fácil! Share how you get ready for going back to school. Just write your comment on this post and participate in our giveaway.

We will randomly select a winner on August 1st. The winner will be announce on our blog, facebook and twitter accounts.

season posters ¡Maestras! Plan ahead and win awesome Spanish Classroom Posters.

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9 thoughts on “¡Maestras! Plan ahead and win awesome Spanish Classroom Posters.

  1. Brenda

    This will be my first year as a Spanish instructor in a preschool. This is a wonderful opportunity for the school and the students. I am still putting together a lot of information, so I greatly appreciate the information that you provide. The posters are excellent!

  2. Debbie Terry

    I need all the help I can get with keeping the language fresh with my (will be 5 in Sept) granddaughter. She attends a bilingual pre-school – not dual track and really needs practice at home but there are no native speakers. This would be great!

  3. Sheri

    Thanks for the chance to win some super additions to our Spanish classroom! I am focusing on K-2 this year, so hope I can add these great posters to spark up my K-2 firecrackers!

  4. Jessica

    I working on preparing my lessons at this time and gathering all the materials that I need. Winning these posters will be a great addition for my class.

  5. court

    I like to use a combination of different tangible items to help the kiddos learn & reinforce spanish vocabulary. I use different materials like cards, dice, and games to help them learn in a fun and interactive way. These posters would be an incredible way for my kiddos to consistently reinforce the vocabulary we are learning in class. Since kids learn at a different pace, these posters would allow them to practice vocabulary at their own pace and on a daily. I teach Spanish to 320 + elementary student and we would be overjoyed to win the awesome posters!!!!! Thank you for the offer♡


  6. Claudia

    Thanks for the giveaway. I teach Spanish in a small group setting and these would be wonderful to use as visuals for the toddlers/preschoolers I work with. Seeing these everyday will help the vocabulary become ingrained!

  7. Carol Radchik

    At last after 8 years I will have my own classroom. I teach h from K to 6th and the posters will definitely be a great tool for reinforcing vocabulary and to make a Spanish classroom! Thanks!

  8. Smiley Dufour

    It is so exciting to start a new year! I start by working on my classroom a little bit at a time. I changed my mind quite often in regards to the way my room looks. As a new Spanish teacher, these posters will be a big help to better help my students learn the Spanish language


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