Creating a Classroom Constitution

Creating a classroom constitution is a great way to learn about the rights and the responsibilities we all share and need to respect.

Why are Constitutions important?  A Constitution tell us about how a government works and lists some important and fundamental rights to keep people safe.

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To create a classroom constitution, begin by discussing what makes a positive and respectful classroom environment.
Some answers may be:
– We listen when a classmate is sharing his or her ideas and stories with us.
– We offer our help when a classmate is sad or upset.

Brainstorming and Questions (English-Spanish):

  • What are some rights that are important to have in the classroom? ¿Cuáles son algunos derechos que son importantes tener dentro del salón de clases?
    Some answers may be:
    – The right to learn.  El derecho de aprender
    – The right to share my opinions. El derecho de compartir mis opiniones.
  • Can some classmates have certain rights but others not? ¿Piensas que algunos compañeros pueden tener ciertos derechos pero otros no?
  • What do we need to do to protect our rights? ¿Qué necesitamos hacer para proteger nuestros derechos?

Discuss the importance of having rules or responsibilities. I prefer to call them responsibilities because it changes a negative statement into a positive one, for example, the rule is “don’t run inside” vs. the responsibility is “walk inside”.

  • When do we need rules or responsibilities? ¿Cuándo necesitamos tener reglas o responsabilidades?
  • Why do we need rules or responsibilities? ¿Por qué necesitamos tener reglas o responsabilidades?
  • What is the difference between rights and rules? ¿Cuáles son las diferencias entre reglas y derechos?

Class Activity

Students brainstorm and decide between 3 and 5 classroom rights and between 3 and 5 classroom rules or responsibilities. You can help students combine these two into statements.

A statement may be:

“We keep our voices down (responsibility) so that I can to listen to the teacher and learn new things (my right to learn)”
“Mantenemos nuestras voces bajas (responsabilidad) para poder escuchar a la maestra y aprender cosas nuevas (derecho de aprender)”

Display for everyone to see!

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