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Free printable game similar to Guess Who via SpanishPlayground

Spanish Playground is hosting a Summer Reading Program to keep kids reading, hearing and using Spanish during their summer break. It is similar to the one hosted by Public Libraries around the country but of course all in español! The program is free and all participants will also be entered automatically to win one of 5 packages of Spanish and bilingual books, music and games. Make sure to participate!

This week we team up with Spanish Playground and created a printable game to practice Spanish similar to Guess Who, except that players are describing monsters with fruit names. I have successfully used this game with multiple classrooms, and I am very excited for you and your littles ones to play too.

Print and get more body parts activities and resources. tarjetas 232x300 Free printable game similar to Guess Who via SpanishPlayground

pinit fg en rect red 28 Free printable game similar to Guess Who via SpanishPlayground

4 Ideas for a Preschool Farm Theme

One of my favorite themes to teach during the Spring season is the farm. Most children know some of the animals that live on a farm, but do they know why they live on a farm, who takes care of them and the benefits the farm provides us with. Here are some ideas for a preschool farm theme to teach children in Spanish (or English).

The concepts are endless and valuable to learn. Here are 4 farm concept ideas to share with your preschoolers. Keep in mind that I teach Spanish immersion so all of my ideas start from the assumption that must of my students are English native speakers.

Four Farm Concepts to Explore in Class

blog farmanimals 225x300 4 Ideas for a Preschool Farm Theme

Farm theme ideas for preschool in Spanish

  1. Farm vocabulary (practice the articles with the nouns; la vaca, la oveja, los pollitos).
  2. Farm animal products (practice with a complete sentence; la vaca nos da leche, la oveja nos da lana, la gallina nos da huevos, ¿qué nos da el cerdo?).
  3. Food in the farm. Farm animals eat plants, fruits, vegetables, hay, corn, and oats ( this can be a taught in a different lesson about seeds, plants & flowers).
  4. Transportation and vehicles in the farm. Horses are farm animals that can be used as transportation (math concepts can be used to teach about distance and traveling time; lejos, cerca, largo, corto, rápido, lento).



All of these concepts can be practiced through a variety of learning centers and activities at school or at home. From songs, rhymes and storybook, to math activities, crafts, and even cooking activities.

Use an activity map (un mapa temático) to plan the class activities and to record your ideas!

This is mine simple smile 4 Ideas for a Preschool Farm Theme

Week1 4 4 Ideas for a Preschool Farm Theme

Here is the template for the activity map and a weekly planner! Try it and let me know if it worked for you. simple smile 4 Ideas for a Preschool Farm Theme

pinit fg en rect red 28 4 Ideas for a Preschool Farm Theme

Creating a Classroom Constitution

Creating a classroom constitution is a great way to learn about the rights and the responsibilities we all share and need to respect.

Why are Constitutions important?  A Constitution tell us about how a government works and lists some important and fundamental rights to keep people safe.

derechosyresponsabilidades 818x1024 Creating a Classroom Constitution

To create a classroom constitution, begin by discussing what makes a positive and respectful classroom environment.
Some answers may be:
– We listen when a classmate is sharing his or her ideas and stories with us.
– We offer our help when a classmate is sad or upset.

Brainstorming and Questions (English-Spanish):

  • What are some rights that are important to have in the classroom? ¿Cuáles son algunos derechos que son importantes tener dentro del salón de clases?
    Some answers may be:
    – The right to learn.  El derecho de aprender
    – The right to share my opinions. El derecho de compartir mis opiniones.
  • Can some classmates have certain rights but others not? ¿Piensas que algunos compañeros pueden tener ciertos derechos pero otros no?
  • What do we need to do to protect our rights? ¿Qué necesitamos hacer para proteger nuestros derechos?

Discuss the importance of having rules or responsibilities. I prefer to call them responsibilities because it changes a negative statement into a positive one, for example, the rule is “don’t run inside” vs. the responsibility is “walk inside”.

  • When do we need rules or responsibilities? ¿Cuándo necesitamos tener reglas o responsabilidades?
  • Why do we need rules or responsibilities? ¿Por qué necesitamos tener reglas o responsabilidades?
  • What is the difference between rights and rules? ¿Cuáles son las diferencias entre reglas y derechos?

Class Activity

Students brainstorm and decide between 3 and 5 classroom rights and between 3 and 5 classroom rules or responsibilities. You can help students combine these two into statements.

A statement may be:

“We keep our voices down (responsibility) so that I can to listen to the teacher and learn new things (my right to learn)”
“Mantenemos nuestras voces bajas (responsabilidad) para poder escuchar a la maestra y aprender cosas nuevas (derecho de aprender)”

Display for everyone to see!

pinit fg en rect red 28 Creating a Classroom Constitution

Saint Patrick’s Day Spanish Printables

Saint Patrick’s Day Spanish Printables!

Pinterest st.patricks 200x300 Saint Patricks Day Spanish Printables

Free Spanish St.Patricks Printables

¡El 17 de marzo es el Día de San Patricio and SpanglishBaby and us have a fabulous spanish and english printable with activities for your niños y niñas!

You can download for free the following printables:

– St. Patrick’s day cards
– One coloring page
– One mini story to color and read.

Find it and print it here!




One of my students made a cover for the mini story included in this free package.

IMG 7357 283x300 Saint Patricks Day Spanish Printables

Free Coloring Story

IMG 7353 300x300 Saint Patricks Day Spanish Printables

Clover cover for the mini story.

Another fun activity to do on St. Patricks weekend is play a card game. Read our post about this game. 

IMG 73411 300x233 Saint Patricks Day Spanish Printables


pinit fg en rect red 28 Saint Patricks Day Spanish Printables

St. Patrick’s Card Game

Let’s play a St. Patrick’s Card game to learn spanish and practice visual and memory skills.

Most children love to build, and puzzles are a great way to practice building skills. Building and composing activities promote hand-eye coordination, problem solving, memory and self-correcting skills.

One building and composing activity that is ideally for work tasks at school or during quiet time at home, is “composing by following a task card”. Children can independently learn about shapes, numbers, colors and letters.

For St. Patrick’s day, I created a game with task cards to practice color vocabulary, color sequence (in Spanish) and memory skills.

You can play two ways:

Activity 1: Children compose a clover by following the color sequence of the card.

IMG 7341 300x233 St. Patricks Card Game

Board game and task cards

Activity  2: Show a card for a few seconds. Children compose the clover that you show them by following the color sequence of the card.

spd blog3 300x231 St. Patricks Card Game

Game cards.

The board and the cards are pretty easy to do, since all shapes are hearts (corazones).

You can always download our Día de San Patricio bundle, which includes this game as well as many other printables, activities and resources.

 stp 300x210 St. Patricks Card Game

pinit fg en rect red 28 St. Patricks Card Game