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Free President’s Day Bingo in Spanish

I love to play bingo with my young students. It is an easy way to have fun while learning new vocabulary. I encourage children to use full sentences when playing bingo.

This is how I play:

Maestra: ¿Quién tiene la cabaña de tronco?

Niño(s) con la cabaña de tronco: Yo tengo la cabaña de tronco.

Niño(s) sin la cabaña de troncos: Yo no tengo la cabaña de tronco.

When my students use full sentences, I can see how proud they feel of their verbal Spanish skills. It also helps them practice simple sentence structure.

Ready to play? Just print, laminate! You can also print twice each board and cut out the cards to play a memory game.

Materials Needed:

– Print boards (there are three different boards).

– Print the call out cards.

– Laminate the boards and the cards or simply use a sheet protector.

– You need six tokens or pennies per player.

Click image to print the game!

president latiendita2 Free Presidents Day Bingo in Spanish

president latiendita6 Free Presidents Day Bingo in Spanish

Happy President’s Day!

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Spring Spanish Vocabulary Cards

How cute are these Spring Spanish vocabulary cards?

Enough of the winter and let’s start to learn about ¡La Primavera! I am so happy Spring is almost here!  Enjoy this free vocabulary cards with short sentences in Spanish and English that Spanglishbaby shared with us via facebook. The cards can be used to play bingo,to make small sentence or memory cards while learning vocabulary!

Let’s try to make a few sentence together!

1. En la primavera las flores florecen y celebramos el día de mamá.
In the Spring flowers bloom and we celebrate mom’s day
2. Las flores florecen en la primavera y el conejito de pascua llega.
Flowers bloom in the spring and the easter bunny arrives.
3. Celebramos en la primavera el día de mamá y el día de la tierra también.
We celebrate in the spring mom’s day and earth’s day too.

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Spring Spanish Vocabulary Cards

Get your cards and start reading en Español!  http://bit.ly/PrimaveraPrintable

Don’t forget to check out our Spring Web Theme for more Spanish teaching ideas


pinit fg en rect red 28 Spring Spanish Vocabulary Cards