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Going Back to School!~ Words of Inspiration.

This time of year teachers and parents are scrambling in preparation for going back to school and adjusting to the changes of our summer lounging days. Today in preparation for this process we have some inspiring words of wisdom from a Eliana R. Molina a very talented Spanish teacher that thrives at creating a nurturing environment for students and herself. These are her thought on beginning the new school year with love and perspective.

~As the new school year approaches and summer-time comes to an end, many teachers begin to prepare mentally for their return to work and all the planning that comes along with it.  For many teachers it will be their first-year teaching, for some it will be back to their old stomping grounds, and yet for others, like me, it will be taking one’s teaching experience to a new school district, in a new city and state.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” and I completely agree with him.  You see, moving is never easy.  However, change is good because you are being given the chance to change the world.  Perhaps you may want to promote culture or diversity in the new school district you’re about to join or the same one you taught at last year.  You might bring some new ideas to the new school that will bring many teachers together in conversation or perhaps share something you learned over the summer that will inspire a colleague or student.  The whole point of change is we are all given the opportunity to do so, to take the opportunity to add something, to make a difference.

Regardless of how many years we have under our belt in teaching, and how many years we have at a particular school, getting ready for the school year entails preparation and work.  Coming up with new ideas for lesson plans, planning strategies and even making sure you have all the school supplies needed in the classroom can seem easy to achieve, but it is very time consuming and takes patience and collaboration.

During the first week that teachers report, there is work to be done and new things to learn as a district, school and department.  Teachers must get back into the routine of waking up early again and attending staff meetings and staying after school, helping students, grading papers and volunteering.  The list can go on and on and seem endless!!

Teachers need to make sure that their classroom area is ready with the right amount of desks and chairs to seat all students.  I always make it a habit to make sure that the proper technology equipment is installed properly and working. That does not exclude making sure the needed supplies are in the classroom, such as a stapler, a pencil sharpener, rulers, glue, tape, scissors and more.  You might find out that the school has adopted a new textbook or started using new software that you will need training on, which takes away from preparing yourself and the classroom for the upcoming school year.

In all, preparing for a new school year, I have learned that there is no beginning or end for the things that need to be done before school starts.  Schedules, routines, textbooks, classrooms, and people are constantly changing and routines can be interfered with unexpected meetings before or after school.  There is never a good enough list that will prepare you for the first days of school 100%, but you can rest assure that you will learn the ropes and you will meet great people who have all been in your shoes at one point and are willing to help ease the anxiety that might be building up.  Remember to take a deep breath and enjoy each day because after all when your 10 months of work are up for the year, you will get to have your summer break again to just look back at the first day of school and think with a huge smile, “I made it and changed the life of many!” ~ Eliana R. Molina

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Aprendiendo la letra Dd

La letra y el sonido de la Dd en español puede ser difícil de aprender para niños que también están aprendiendo a escribir y leer en inglés al mismo tiempo.

Sigue estas sugerencias y no olvides de aportar más ideas en nuestra sección de comentarios.

  • Cómo ejercicio de calentamiento tus estudiantes pueden hacer diferentes sonidos y muecas con la boca y lengua.
  • Pide a tus estudiantes poner la yema del dedo índice entre los dientes. Se darán cuenta que la  lengua necesita tocar el la punta de los dientes de arriba. Ahora pide que digan muchas veces “dadada”. Sentirán como su lengua vibra y hace cosquillas. Sigue practicando con diferentes sonidos. (dede, didi, dodo, dudu).
  • Juega a repetir rimas o trabalenguas.

Din don dan, din don dan… doce campanadas dan.

    • Para introducir la forma de la letra utiliza plastilina u otros materiales que sean flexibles.
    • Practica su forma y su sonido utilizando hojas de trabajo pedagógicas.

Screenshot 2014 09 02 15.32.35 234x300 Aprendiendo la letra Dd

Screenshot 2014 09 02 15.32.28 231x300 Aprendiendo la letra Dd

  •  Promueve la lectura utilizando libros fonéticos.

9780590970235 xlg 150x150 Aprendiendo la letra Dd

¿Cómo ayudas a estimular la lectoescritura en casa o en la escuela?

pinit fg en rect red 28 Aprendiendo la letra Dd

¡Maestras! Plan ahead and win awesome Spanish Classroom Posters.

Yes, we are all enjoying great summer weather, late dinners with friends and fun-filled days! Going back to school might be a few weeks away but why not start prepping now and save time in the long run.

As a Spanish teacher I think that certain things are key to have a successful year. One thing that I have learned throughout the years is that I need to make sure to keep my student’s families are involved and well informed about what we are learning in class. Most of my families don’t know spanish and I want to make sure they take their children Spanish class as importantly as their math or science class. Here are my tips to help you be the most famous teacher of the school:

1. Send a letter introducing yourself but most importantly introducing the spanish program and what goals you have for your class.

2. Attach a basic vocabulary list of the words and phrases you will be using throughout the school year.

3. Send updates regularly. The updates should include resources, ideas and tips so that parents can practice at home.

4. Decorate your classroom with materials in Spanish. Who doesn’t like to read labels and posters?

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