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Froggy Se Viste: Clothing Materials in Spanish

During the winter months, I introduce vocabulary related to clothing. It is a meaningful and practical way to teach not only clothing vocabulary but to also to talk about the weather and the seasons.

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Froggy Se Viste

To introduce new vocabulary, I always use a children’s book or song to connect grammar and context to the theme. One of my favorite books is Froggy Se Viste by Jonathan London. The story is engaging and repetitive making the perfect combination to learn Spanish in context. That said, I modify the story emphasizing the sentence structures I want my students to learn.



Here is a compilation of clothing materials in Spanish I created as well as other fun materials and lessons I found online.

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Froggy Froggy Se Viste: Clothing Materials in Spanish

Froggy Se Viste FREE Printable Games

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More ideas for Clothing The

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Dress the Snowman Game via MommyMaestra

Download for free this adorable Dress the Snowman game. The perfect winter activity, your preschooler colors in the game cards then chooses one to draw on the muñeco de nieve. MommyMaestra has also shared a cute and short story in Spanish about un mueñeco de nieve.

Dress the Snowman Game Spanish 300x207 Dress the Snowman Game via MommyMaestra

MommyMaestra is a blog dedicated to share share ideas and educational resources in English and Spanish for families raising bilingual children.

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Free Printables via MommyMaestra

Free Printables via MommyMaestra & teach the vowels in Spanish

Are you teaching your preschooler at home this year? There are a lot of great resources & materials online for you, but not so many if you are teaching them in Spanish. So be sure to get the free downloadable set of 5 Activities to Practice Upper- and Lowercase Vowels that MommyMaestra is giveaway.

Upper Lowercase Vowels Spanish 300x200 Free Printables via MommyMaestra

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Simple Back to School Tips for Parents

La Maleta, El Area de Trabajo, y Los Días de la Semana!

What is the solution for your child’s success when going back to school?… Below are three easy back to school tips for parents by Diana P. a “mamá latina” of two on how she helps herself, her child and their teacher have a smooth transition into the new school year. 

~A new school year is here!  It is the perfect time for families to establish new routines to prepare for a successful school year.  To help get your families get ready for school, I have listed an easy top three list that is sure to make your child’s school year as easy as the ABC’s.

  1. Buy a backpack with ONE zipper/pocket.  One!  Not two, three or nine zippers and pockets.  A simple backpack with one zipper will make finding homework, permission slips and lunch money easier for you, your child and his teacher.  Yes, sometimes the teacher wants a signed permission slip only to have the child tell his teacher that he cannot find it in his backpack.  Guess who has to fish through his backpack at school?  Now imagine if each of her 25 students asked for her help with their backpacks?  Let’s make everyone’s life easier and buy a backpack with ONE zipper, and therefore ONE pocket!
  2. Have a designated spot at home for the backpack.  A handy place to keep it is where the child will do her homework.  The child can take her homework out, complete it, and put it in the backpack when she is done.  In the morning, your child will know exactly where her backpack is located.  There won’t be a need for The Great Backpack Expedition before each school day in search of the backpack that needs to get to school, too.
  3. One word – CALENDAR!  Get your child used to being responsible for his own school schedule and items.  Schools are teaching this as young as Kindergarten!  A small wall calendar designated specifically for school will do the trick.  For the children that cannot read yet, draw a book on the day of the week that his class has library day, or a ball on days gym class requires him to wear sneakers.  Calendars work well with the older kids, too.  If your child has music class, swim practice, or a big assignment due, a visual will help keep the child on task.  Plus, the calendar will help your child get ready the night before.  On Monday night, if your child sees he has library scheduled the next day, he will be responsible for making sure his library books are in his backpack.

Enjoy this school year as your child embarks on another year of learning and growth, and may these tips make the journey a little smoother.  Happy School Year!~ Diana P.

Did we hear, teach young children the days of the week? The Monarca Language educational material includes the days of the week worksheets for your child. Es facil! Lunes, Martes, Miércoles…and check out our free printables too.

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Not just a field trip! Kid field trips, develop critical thinking and practice Spanish.

A factory tour is a powerful teaching tool.

We love field trips! How about taking your child or students on a factory tour so that they see first-hand how things are made.  This is a great way to explore and teach about the world and new subjects in Spanish such as aviones, (airplanes), máquinas (machines), el periódico (news paper). Before you pack up your bags and head out the door, have your child or student write, color and have little lesson and preparation for the field trip you are about to take.

  • What questions do they have?
  • What vocabulary can you introduce?
  • Use material such as a coloring sheets like el helicóptero

After the trip you will have amazing fun conversation about what they learned and what they found most interesting. Help your students develop those critical thinking skills.

Here are some interesting and exciting  tours we found in a few states:


Boeing Commercial Airplane

The Boeing Everett factory tours are conducted to showcase The Boeing Company and the Everett product line, the 747, 767, 777 and soon 787. As part of the tour, visitors walk through part of the largest building in the world by volume (472,000,000 cubic feet). On the Boeing flight line, visitors see airplanes in various stages of assembly, manufacture and flight test for airline customers around the world.

Seattle Times Newspaper

The tour includes following the newspapers “hot off the press” through our packaging center and out the door to the trucks. One of the most popular parts of the tour is watching the robots pick up enormous rolls of newsprint and move them to the press.

Theo Chocolate Factory

On our factory tours, we entertain you with the story of cocoa, including the extraordinary transformation of the cocoa fruit into what we know and love as chocolate!


IMG 4650 225x300 Not just a field trip! Kid field trips, develop critical thinking and practice Spanish.

La Maquinaria at Theo Chocolate Factory.


San Francisco, AT&T Park

It’s the ballpark where home runs can be “splash hits.” Where the breathtaking Bay view’s rival the action on the field. On your behind-the-scenes ballpark tour of sensational AT&T Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants, you will get to go places only the players and staff go.

Corona, CA Fender Musical Corp.

Experience more than 8,000 square feet of exhibits featuring hundreds of instruments, amps, photos, historical artifacts, interactive displays and more that give guests from all over the world a fascinating, educational and unforgettable firsthand look at the entire Fender story from 1946 to today.


Fort Worth, Texas Motor Speedway

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! Take the green flag for a high-speed visit to one of the world’s largest and most modern sports and entertainment facilities, Texas Motor Speedway.

New York

NY, Metropolitan Opera Guild

90-minute Backstage Tours explore the creation of an opera production, guiding visitors through the shops where artisans work on the sets, costumes, and wigs, and includes the rehearsal facilities, dressing rooms, 10-story backstage complex, and the auditorium. This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals, families and groups to see what goes on behind the scenes of a major production

You can find  more tours and check what is available in your neck of the woods at: http://factorytoursusa.com/


pinit fg en rect red 28 Not just a field trip! Kid field trips, develop critical thinking and practice Spanish.