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Celebra el Día de….children’s book giveaway

With all the Holiday celebrations let’s take the opportunity to teach the history behind these special days. Monarca Language sponsored by Santillana USA is giving away a set of 5 children’s books by the distinguished Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy.

  • Celebrar el Día de Acción de gracias con Beto y Gaby
  • Celebrar el Cinco de Mayo con un jarabe tapatío
  • Celebrar Halloween y el Día de Muertos con Cristina y su conejito azul
  • Celebrar el Cuatro de Julio con Campeón, el glotón
  • Celebrar Kwanzaa con Botitas y sus gatitos
photo 45 300x254 Celebra el Día de....childrens book giveaway

5 Set Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy children’s book giveaway. Celebrar!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Preschools of the World and Bogotá, Colombia

Recently I was able to visit my home country of Bogotá, Colombia. I traveled with my 15 month old and we had a blast. The trip was filled with the usual ups and downs that come along with many hours of flight and change in routine. However he had a great adventure. I watched him explore the new scenery within the busy cosmopolitan city that is Bogotá and enjoy the beauty of it’s surrounding hills and mountains. One of the highlights of our visit was a morning as a guest in the preschool, Mi Pequeño Mundo. My son and I took in the sun and greenery as we toured the school. He played in the difference in play structures and enjoyed a glimpse of preschool in another country.

IMG 2175 800x618 300x231 Preschools of the World and Bogotá, Colombia

Mi Pequeño Mundo, Bogotá, Colombia

IMG 2171 600x8001 225x300 Preschools of the World and Bogotá, Colombia

Preschools of the world.


This preschool although in a the capital of Colombia, Bogotá, a city of 8 million inhabitants, has a large beautiful green terrain. Here children run and play in varied outdoor playgrounds when they’re not busy in class. I loved seeing the excitement of the children, from having a guest visitor, while others worked and focused on their classes and tasks. We got the pleasure to attend a music class. In the class the teacher played the accordion! Since the holidays are soon approaching we danced to and sang a few villancicos Colombianos (Christmas carols). We also had the opportunity to visit a cooking class. In this school students take a cooking class once week. As we walked in the room the air was full of the scent of sweet dough baking in an oven. Children here bake cookies, cakes and Colombian food such as arepas.

IMG 2202 800x574 300x215 Preschools of the World and Bogotá, Colombia

Playing is key for children to learn.

IMG 2194 800x600 300x225 Preschools of the World and Bogotá, Colombia

Classroom in Bogotá, Colombia.

Have you had a chance to visit other preschools of the world? What ideas have you brought back with you? As for us, we will start making traditional food from Colombia together. I think these holidays we’ll make chocolate caliente and arepas con queso.


IMG 2177 600x800 225x300 Preschools of the World and Bogotá, Colombia

Do you use a chalkboard in your classroom?

IMG 2173 600x800 225x300 Preschools of the World and Bogotá, Colombia

Creating a friendly environment for children.


IMG 2187 800x600 300x225 Preschools of the World and Bogotá, Colombia

Moving, running and playing is all part of learning.

IMG 2203 600x800 225x300 Preschools of the World and Bogotá, Colombia

Tuckered out after a day of playing and learning at preschool.

By Alex Mendez

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Free Printables via MommyMaestra

Free Printables via MommyMaestra & teach the vowels in Spanish

Are you teaching your preschooler at home this year? There are a lot of great resources & materials online for you, but not so many if you are teaching them in Spanish. So be sure to get the free downloadable set of 5 Activities to Practice Upper- and Lowercase Vowels that MommyMaestra is giveaway.

Upper Lowercase Vowels Spanish 300x200 Free Printables via MommyMaestra

pinit fg en rect red 28 Free Printables via MommyMaestra

Aprendiendo la letra Dd

La letra y el sonido de la Dd en español puede ser difícil de aprender para niños que también están aprendiendo a escribir y leer en inglés al mismo tiempo.

Sigue estas sugerencias y no olvides de aportar más ideas en nuestra sección de comentarios.

  • Cómo ejercicio de calentamiento tus estudiantes pueden hacer diferentes sonidos y muecas con la boca y lengua.
  • Pide a tus estudiantes poner la yema del dedo índice entre los dientes. Se darán cuenta que la  lengua necesita tocar el la punta de los dientes de arriba. Ahora pide que digan muchas veces “dadada”. Sentirán como su lengua vibra y hace cosquillas. Sigue practicando con diferentes sonidos. (dede, didi, dodo, dudu).
  • Juega a repetir rimas o trabalenguas.

Din don dan, din don dan… doce campanadas dan.

    • Para introducir la forma de la letra utiliza plastilina u otros materiales que sean flexibles.
    • Practica su forma y su sonido utilizando hojas de trabajo pedagógicas.

Screenshot 2014 09 02 15.32.35 234x300 Aprendiendo la letra Dd

Screenshot 2014 09 02 15.32.28 231x300 Aprendiendo la letra Dd

  •  Promueve la lectura utilizando libros fonéticos.

9780590970235 xlg 150x150 Aprendiendo la letra Dd

¿Cómo ayudas a estimular la lectoescritura en casa o en la escuela?

pinit fg en rect red 28 Aprendiendo la letra Dd