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It’s almost Thanksgiving Day, Let’s Teach Children to Express Gratitude

¡Gracias! Thank you! Thanksgiving Day let’s teach children to express gratitude.

photo 44 225x300 Its almost Thanksgiving Day, Lets Teach Children to Express Gratitude

Let’s Teach Children to Express Gratitude.

As children we were all told to say those words to express gratitude for someone’s kindness.  Raising polite and grateful little humans has always been the job of the adults.  Of course, children copy what they see and hear, particularly from their parents.  When was the last time you were able to reflect on your gratitude?  What are you thankful for this year?  Today?

When November hits the calendar, many families start making plans for Thanksgiving Day.  What’s for dinner?  Who are we inviting to share it with us?  What do we need to buy for the groceries?  Will our favorite football team be playing a game on TV?  We are often in a rush to do the holiday “right” that we bypass the true sentiment of the holiday.  Since the focus becomes so much on the success of the Thanksgiving Day feast, it may be easier and more meaningful to focus on the things and people we are thankful for as soon as the month of November hits the calendar.

This November, challenge your family members to think about their gratitude each day of the month.  This is a fun and easy task for each family member because age is not a barrier for this activity.  All you need are a pencil, small pieces of paper and a container such as a mason jar, an empty pail or a big manila envelope.  Ask each family member to write down something they feel thankful for, and help the little ones write down their thoughts, too.  The young ones can also draw a quick picture and you can write down their explanation of the drawing.  Do this each day, and place the pieces of paper in the container your family chooses to use.

Do this each day of the month, and on Thanksgiving Day during dinner take the Container of Thankfulness and share the sentiments in it.  It will be uplifting to hear all of the beautiful words each of your family members has shared for the month.  Whether someone is thankful for relatives, a toy, or an event that occurred on a particular day, it will be a delight to relive those thoughts together.  Moreover, it will build a habit in your children.  Your children will learn that regardless of how tough things may seem on a particular day we all have plenty for which we should be grateful.

I encourage you to try this small activity with your family.  Expressing and feeling gratitude is what brings humanity together.  This activity will give you a glimpse into the hearts of your family members while also giving you the opportunity to share your sentiments with them.

There is so much to give thanks for each day.  Reflect and have fun.

~By Diana P. a “mamá latina”

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Zipping and zooming. Teaching Spanish during car trips.

Teaching Spanish during car trips and let’s not leave out…the fun! 

 Autumn has officially arrived.  The fall leaves are turning colors, the air is crisper, and daylight hours are getting shorter.  Of course, by now, most of our kids are back at school, and their English language conversation has increased as they get instructions from their teacher and socialize with their friends.  We must work a little harder to continue to instill the Spanish language in the homes.

Gone is the summer where days were spent chatting with grandma in Español, or watching a Spanish program.  We don’t have time for that!  We have schedules to keep up with and homework to take care of daily.  Yet, we want our children to speak Spanish.  We want them to enjoy the gift of a second language.  Regardless of whether parents are native speakers or not, it’s time to instill some tricks to the Spanish bag.

Whether we are zipping to soccer practice, zooming to school, or zipping and zooming to visit relatives in the months ahead, let’s use the car ride to our advantage!

  •  Play Spanish music.  There are many children’s music artists that will delight the young ones, but there are also artists that will excite the older kids and adults alike.  Before long, the entire family will be singing along to their favorite Spanish tunes!
free truck 300x224 Zipping and zooming. Teaching Spanish during car trips.

El Camión, Free Coloring Sheet from Monarca Language

  •  Print out some worksheets, and keep them handy in one’s car.  Make sure to carry a pencil and eraser, or crayons in your car.  When you arrive early to swim or music class, these will come in handy and keep your child thinking in Spanish.




  • Make car rides strictly a “Spanish Speaking Zone”.  This works great even if you do not know Spanish.  Your child will have fun teaching you something that you don’t know.  Your child can pretend play that he is the Spanish teacher, and you are the student.  You can discuss colors, numbers, and shapes.  The vocabulary is endless.
  • Spanish books on tape.  Start out with short books that are already familiar to your family.  Familiar stories are always a welcome treat for kids.  If you also have a copy of the book for your child, let your child read along with the book on tape.

By maximizing our time in the car with our family, we are increasing our children’s auditory, literary and oral understanding of the Spanish language.  The added bonus is that through our collaborative teaching and learning of Spanish, we will create wonderful memories that will ultimately provide the gift of a lifetime.  Enjoy making your car trips “solamente en Español” (Spanish only).

free chopper 300x223 Zipping and zooming. Teaching Spanish during car trips.

El helicóptero, Free Coloring Printable from Monarca Language

flashcards transportes 300x218 Zipping and zooming. Teaching Spanish during car trips.

Transportation Domino Game, Free Coloring Printable from Monarca Language















~By Diana P. a “mamá latina”

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Día de Muertos Stories and Songs

Share with your children Día de Muertos stories and songs. It is a great way to introduce children to this beautiful and ancient indigenous tradition. My book recommendation has a mix of spanish, bilingual and english books. All books are fantastic and I have used them in class with my students.

… Al sonar las doce de la noche las calaveras salen a pasear… Con canciones humorísticas y decoraciones coloridas es como celebramos está gran tradición. El Día de Muertos es una celebración mexicana que honra a nuestros seres amados, que ya se han ido.

Aquí tenemos un par de cuentos y una canción para que compartas con tus estudiantes e hijos en casa.


Screenshot 2013 10 11 21.09.321  Día de Muertos Stories and Songs
Screenshot 2014 10 06 15.58.45  Día de Muertos Stories and Songs
Yo Recuerdo a Abuelito
Un cuento del Día de los Muertos
By Janice Levy
I Remember Abuelito: A Day of the Dead Story / Yo Recuerdo a Abuelito: Un Cuento del Día de los Muertos (Spanish and English Edition)  Día de Muertos Stories and Songs

Screen Shot 2013 10 10 at 8.55.52 PM 300x262  Día de Muertos Stories and Songs

El Día de los Muertos a Bilingual Celebration
Bob Barner
El dia de los muertos / The Day of the Dead (Spanish Edition)  Día de Muertos Stories and Songs

  Día de Muertos Stories and Songs  Día de Muertos Stories and Songs
Uncle Monarch and the Day of the Dead
Judy Goldman
Uncle Monarch and the Day of the Dead  Día de Muertos Stories and Songs


Screen Shot 2013 10 10 at 9.29.18 PM  Día de Muertos Stories and Songs
Una canción fácil y con un gran ritmo
An easy and great song to celebrate “Día de los Muertos”

Las Calaveras Salen a Pasear
Al sonar las doce de la noche
Las calaveras salen a pasear
Muy contentas se suben a su coche
En bicicleta y también a patinar.
Tumba, tumba, tumba vacía
Ciérrate ya que viene la fría
Jajaja que risa me da
Jajaja no me alcanzará.

Lastly but not least we have some free beautiful día de los muertos printables.

pinit fg en rect red 28  Día de Muertos Stories and Songs

Spanish Children’s Music Giveaway and Baila Baila

Spanish children’s music giveaway with Baila Baila! Yes! Dance, dance and sing and twirl and do the cha, cha, cha while listening to fun Spanish lyrics from the Amarillo album from Baila Baila.

Baila Baila is a music group created by Isabel Brazon a dedicated teacher who is originally from Venezuela.  Their group combines traditional Spanish music as well as original works lovingly created by Isabel.

The Amarillo album from Baila Baila is a delight to listen to.  My toddler and I highly enjoy it. It’s the perfect music to dance along to, filled with a happy energetic tempo. It’s also fantastic car music, with simple to learn and follow lyrics, in Spanish, that will make it easy for everyone to sing along to. (A great tool to have when sitting in those congested traffic jams while you try to entertain your little one and avoid the sitting in the car chair meltdown.)

The Amarillo album has varied entertaining songs. Some teach a simple greeting in Spanish with a catchy melody (“Hola”), to others about colors or animals (“Amarillo”, “Diana la Rana” or “La Finca Baila Baila”) in which your child will sing about the yellow sun, the blue world, or enjoy making farm animal sounds. The Baila Baila music will also inspire lively dancing with songs such as “Toca Mi Tambor” or “Cha, Cha, Cha”.

In conclusion this album from Baila Baila is fun, catchy and very danceable music. It is an album that both my young toddler and I truly enjoy and best of all we practice our Spanish while we wiggle, bounce and groove to its fun tunes.

Spanish Children’s Music Giveaway ~ We are giving away an Amarillo CD to one lucky winner, use the Rafflecopter below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Review by Alex Mendez

If you like this album, listen to the Monarca Language’s Las Aventuras de Tutuca.

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Free Printables via MommyMaestra

Free Printables via MommyMaestra & teach the vowels in Spanish

Are you teaching your preschooler at home this year? There are a lot of great resources & materials online for you, but not so many if you are teaching them in Spanish. So be sure to get the free downloadable set of 5 Activities to Practice Upper- and Lowercase Vowels that MommyMaestra is giveaway.

Upper Lowercase Vowels Spanish 300x200 Free Printables via MommyMaestra

pinit fg en rect red 28 Free Printables via MommyMaestra