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Simple ideas for earth day and everyday

earthday Simple ideas for earth day and everyday

Compost & Recycle Posters in Spanish

Lots of great ideas and good habits to foster early in life, so let’s start with simple ideas for earth day and everyday.

Teaching respect for nature and the environment is a process we have to encourage starting at a young age. By interacting with nature, we are also teaching to respect it. Young children can not understand certain concepts like the nature of responsibility for the environment. They learn by observation and imitation. Say out loud  what you are doing when recycling or saving water during bath time. Children will connect words and actions, creating first seeds for their own nature responsibility.

Ask your child to help you take care of our big planet. This should be specific and easy to follow!

Simple ideas: 

  • Turing off the water when they brush their teeth.
  • Putting items in the recycling bin.
  • Going on walks to the park, zoo or nature centers.
  • Ask your little one to be respectful of all animals, plants and trees, since they need each other to exist. We need them, too!
  • Add a recycling and composting poster next to your bins as visual reminders.

We have two cute ones that you can just print and laminate (posters are in Spanish!):

Download here!
La Composta (.pdf)
Reciclado (.pdf)

We also have a bunch of fun and easy ideas at our “Día de la TierraPinterest board.

What are your three best ideas to foster green good habits?

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