New Year’s Resolution Activities For Children

Monarca Language wishes you a full year of new adventures!

This is a great time to start thoughtful and exciting resolutions with your children. After all, children love starting new projects. It is important that we support the progress, not just the end results. Enjoy the little or big achievements your child makes along the way!

Let’s think of New Year’s resolution activities for young children this new year.

New Year resolutions are not only for adults or personal aspirations. Resolutions can be made by children, by the family together or even at school. Self-discipline and self-esteem can be strengthened by learning the importance of practice and progress.  Ask your child or class if they would be interested in achieving a family or group goal. Perhaps reading more books, practicing a sport or an art. Even better, practicing more Spanish each day!  We have found interesting articles and activities for you to explore this idea. We would love to hear about any 2016 resolutions you and your little ones make together.

Making New Year’s Resolutions with Your Child
By Laura Lewis Brown

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Kids
By American Academy of Pediatrics 

Actividades con los Niños para Fin de Año
Por Dariela Cruz 

By American Academy of Pediatrics


2016 propositos New Years Resolution Activities For Children

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