Yo, Tú, El, Ella… pronombres en español

Most people who are starting to learn a new language have trouble using the right pronoun. My students will use the correct pronoun and conjugation when referring to the third-person singular (él o ella). When referring to themselves they usually make the mistake of using the second-person singular conjugation (Yo vas a la escuela). This is very normal, since they hear most of the time conjugations in the second-person singular.

To help my students practice the pronouns, I created a simple game using places as the specific vocabulary.
Examples for the game:
Yo voy al cine.
vas al cine.

The game has two pages, the board and the cards.

places game 2 Yo, Tú, El, Ella... pronombres en español

places game 1 Yo, Tú, El, Ella... pronombres en español

Materials Needed:
Colors or markers
(1) Brad
(1) Paper clip
(1) Token
Print in a card stock white paper.
Instructions: Cut the roulette and the cards(p.2). Color and decorate your board game & roulette wheel. Punch a little hole in the center of the roulette wheel and use the brad to attach the paper clip. The paper clip will be your spinning arrow.
Now, you are ready to play!
Rules: Spin the roulette and advance the correct number of spots. Then draw a pronoun card and use it to make a sentence with the picture that you are in (ex:bosque). If players agree that you made a correct sentence you stay in your new spot, but if they disagree you go back to your original spot.

pinit fg en rect red 28 Yo, Tú, El, Ella... pronombres en español