Mascotas (pets) is a wonderful theme you can explore with your niños in class or at home. You can practice many different concepts; from basic vocabulary to responsibility and care.  Most children would love to have a pet but, as we all know, a pet means one whole new member in la familia. While you think about what kind of pet to welcome into your casa, make this cute perrito or gatito de calcetín.

IMG 3730 300x244 Mascotas

Un perro y un gato

The true story behind this craft
When we asked parents to bring wine corks for craft making, we didn’t realize two things:

1. People collect their wine corks and,
2. Wine corks are not an easy material for making craft projects with kids.

So, when our pet theme came along we knew that the pet legs where covered.


Materials you will need:

  • Calcetin viejo (old sock)
  • Rollo de cartón (toilet paper roll)
  • Limpia pipas (pipe cleaners)
  • Retazos de tela (fabric scraps)
  • Plumones de tela (fabric pens)
  • Corchos de vino (wine corks)
  • Relleno de algodón (craft stuffing)
  • Pistola de silicona (hot glue gun)


  1. Decorate your sock
  2. Put stuffing inside the sock to make the head by wrapping a pipe cleaner around it.
  3. Put the paper roll inside the sock and glue the ends of the sock to the paper roll, tucking the sock’s end inside the paper roll.
  4. Cut some fabric for the ears, nose and eyes
  5. Glue the legs, ears and nose.
  6. ¡Listo!

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