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Spanish Children’s Music Giveaway and Baila Baila

Spanish children’s music giveaway with Baila Baila! Yes! Dance, dance and sing and twirl and do the cha, cha, cha while listening to fun Spanish lyrics from the Amarillo album from Baila Baila.

Baila Baila is a music group created by Isabel Brazon a dedicated teacher who is originally from Venezuela.  Their group combines traditional Spanish music as well as original works lovingly created by Isabel.

The Amarillo album from Baila Baila is a delight to listen to.  My toddler and I highly enjoy it. It’s the perfect music to dance along to, filled with a happy energetic tempo. It’s also fantastic car music, with simple to learn and follow lyrics, in Spanish, that will make it easy for everyone to sing along to. (A great tool to have when sitting in those congested traffic jams while you try to entertain your little one and avoid the sitting in the car chair meltdown.)

The Amarillo album has varied entertaining songs. Some teach a simple greeting in Spanish with a catchy melody (“Hola”), to others about colors or animals (“Amarillo”, “Diana la Rana” or “La Finca Baila Baila”) in which your child will sing about the yellow sun, the blue world, or enjoy making farm animal sounds. The Baila Baila music will also inspire lively dancing with songs such as “Toca Mi Tambor” or “Cha, Cha, Cha”.

In conclusion this album from Baila Baila is fun, catchy and very danceable music. It is an album that both my young toddler and I truly enjoy and best of all we practice our Spanish while we wiggle, bounce and groove to its fun tunes.

Spanish Children’s Music Giveaway ~ We are giving away an Amarillo CD to one lucky winner, use the Rafflecopter below to enter.

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Review by Alex Mendez

If you like this album, listen to the Monarca Language’s Las Aventuras de Tutuca.

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Artistas musicales para niños

Songs are a great way to teach a second language, unfortunately is not always easy to find thoughtful and educational lyrics. After more than 10 years in early childhood education, I still get excited when finding new musical treasures.  I will use some of these new songs to teach a specific lesson and some I’ll use just during play time or transition time.  All songs can teach niños about rhythm, places, other cultures and their stories. When learning a new song make sure to listen to the song a few times before learning the lyrics. Then, learn the lyrics and sing the song without the music following your child’s tempo.

Here are my three new findings:

Baila para Gozar by Cantaré, is a beautiful Latin American music album to learn about the diverse sounds and rhythms of Latin America. Play this album during free play or transition times.

Dúo Karma from Cuba has fun and educational songs for children. Their videos are great too.  “Del Camino … lo que vi” is a great song to teach a few themes, such as “The City”.

Risas de la Tierra is an early childhood music education band from Argentina. They have cute animated videos.

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Más Spanish Finger Plays

Last week I saw a post from about their five favorite Spanish Finger Plays, and it got me thinking about which ones I love to sing and teach. For 8 years I taught a Spanish baby class and I definitely know which ones are the little ones favorites:

Abrir Cerrar (I made a little modification to this traditional preschool song)
Abrir Cerrar/Open Close
Abrir Cerrar/Open Close
Las manos al compás-pas-pas/Hands to the beat
Cerrar Abrir/Close Open
Cerrar Abrir/Close Open
Las manos hacia atrás-tras-tras/The hands put them behind
Suben y suben, las manos suben/Up and up, the hands go up
Y cuando llegan arriba bajan así…/And when the hands are up they come back down like this…

Los movimientos/The moves: Las manos pueden bajar dando vueltas o tal vez simulando lluvia o viento. También es divertido hacer cosquillas a los niños cuando sus manos están arriba.
The hands can come down doing circular movement o perhaps imitating the movement of the rain or wind.It is also fun to tickle the niños when the hands are up in the air.

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Tortillitas (my favorite version is by Ada Flor Ada)
Tortillitas para máma/Tiny tortillas for mommy
Tortillitas para papá/Tiny tortillas for daddy
Las calientitas para mamá/The warm ones for mommy
Las doraditas para papá/The brown ones for daddy.

Los movimientos/The moves: Para cantar está canción yo les daría a los niños un pedacito de plastilina. Los niños pueden hacer una bolita y mientras cantan la canción hacer la figura de una tortilla pasando la plastilina de una mano a otra. To sing this song I would give the children a little piece of dough. Children can make a little ball and while singing the song make it into the shape of a “tortillita” passing the dough from one hand to the other.

Listen to the song


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Mom Trends review of Las Aventuras de Tutuca

Mom Trends Review:

tutuca cd Mom Trends review of Las Aventuras de Tutuca

Las Aventuras de Tutuca by Monarca Language

Monarca Language’s “Las Aventuras de Tutuca” CD: It is belived that children can develop a new language very easily at this stage. To help her learn some basic Spanish we have been using the Monarca Language CD, an incredible collection of music and engaging songs that my daughter loves to bounce to and repeat the words. Designed to help kids develop an ear for the Spanish language, I love how it is fun and engaging both of us.

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