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Saint Patrick’s Day Spanish Printables

Saint Patrick’s Day Spanish Printables!

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Free Spanish St.Patricks Printables

¡El 17 de marzo es el Día de San Patricio and SpanglishBaby and us have a fabulous spanish and english printable with activities for your niños y niñas!

You can download for free the following printables:

– St. Patrick’s day cards
– One coloring page
– One mini story to color and read.

Find it and print it here!



One of my students made a cover for the mini story included in this free package.

IMG 7357 283x300 Saint Patricks Day Spanish Printables

Free Coloring Story

IMG 7353 300x300 Saint Patricks Day Spanish Printables

Clover cover for the mini story.

Another fun activity to do on St. Patricks weekend is play a card game. Read our post about this game. 

IMG 73411 300x233 Saint Patricks Day Spanish Printables


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St. Patrick’s Card Game

Let’s play a St. Patrick’s Card game to learn spanish and practice visual and memory skills.

Most children love to build, and puzzles are a great way to practice building skills. Building and composing activities promote hand-eye coordination, problem solving, memory and self-correcting skills.

One building and composing activity that is ideally for work tasks at school or during quiet time at home, is “composing by following a task card”. Children can independently learn about shapes, numbers, colors and letters.

For St. Patrick’s day, I created a game with task cards to practice color vocabulary, color sequence (in Spanish) and memory skills.

You can play two ways:

Activity 1: Children compose a clover by following the color sequence of the card.

IMG 7341 300x233 St. Patricks Card Game

Board game and task cards

Activity  2: Show a card for a few seconds. Children compose the clover that you show them by following the color sequence of the card.

spd blog3 300x231 St. Patricks Card Game

Game cards.

The board and the cards are pretty easy to do, since all shapes are hearts (corazones).

You can always download our Día de San Patricio bundle, which includes this game as well as many other printables, activities and resources.

 stp 300x210 St. Patricks Card Game

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Dress the Snowman Game via MommyMaestra

Download for free this adorable Dress the Snowman game. The perfect winter activity, your preschooler colors in the game cards then chooses one to draw on the muñeco de nieve. MommyMaestra has also shared a cute and short story in Spanish about un mueñeco de nieve.

Dress the Snowman Game Spanish 300x207 Dress the Snowman Game via MommyMaestra

MommyMaestra is a blog dedicated to share share ideas and educational resources in English and Spanish for families raising bilingual children.

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Celebra el Día de….children’s book giveaway

With all the Holiday celebrations let’s take the opportunity to teach the history behind these special days. Monarca Language sponsored by Santillana USA is giving away a set of 5 children’s books by the distinguished Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy.

  • Celebrar el Día de Acción de gracias con Beto y Gaby
  • Celebrar el Cinco de Mayo con un jarabe tapatío
  • Celebrar Halloween y el Día de Muertos con Cristina y su conejito azul
  • Celebrar el Cuatro de Julio con Campeón, el glotón
  • Celebrar Kwanzaa con Botitas y sus gatitos
photo 45 300x254 Celebra el Día de....childrens book giveaway

5 Set Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy children’s book giveaway. Celebrar!

Cinco possibilities to win! To enter follow the instructions on Rafflecopter.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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It’s almost Thanksgiving Day, Let’s Teach Children to Express Gratitude

¡Gracias! Thank you! Thanksgiving Day let’s teach children to express gratitude.

photo 44 225x300 Its almost Thanksgiving Day, Lets Teach Children to Express Gratitude

Let’s Teach Children to Express Gratitude.

As children we were all told to say those words to express gratitude for someone’s kindness.  Raising polite and grateful little humans has always been the job of the adults.  Of course, children copy what they see and hear, particularly from their parents.  When was the last time you were able to reflect on your gratitude?  What are you thankful for this year?  Today?

When November hits the calendar, many families start making plans for Thanksgiving Day.  What’s for dinner?  Who are we inviting to share it with us?  What do we need to buy for the groceries?  Will our favorite football team be playing a game on TV?  We are often in a rush to do the holiday “right” that we bypass the true sentiment of the holiday.  Since the focus becomes so much on the success of the Thanksgiving Day feast, it may be easier and more meaningful to focus on the things and people we are thankful for as soon as the month of November hits the calendar.

This November, challenge your family members to think about their gratitude each day of the month.  This is a fun and easy task for each family member because age is not a barrier for this activity.  All you need are a pencil, small pieces of paper and a container such as a mason jar, an empty pail or a big manila envelope.  Ask each family member to write down something they feel thankful for, and help the little ones write down their thoughts, too.  The young ones can also draw a quick picture and you can write down their explanation of the drawing.  Do this each day, and place the pieces of paper in the container your family chooses to use.

Do this each day of the month, and on Thanksgiving Day during dinner take the Container of Thankfulness and share the sentiments in it.  It will be uplifting to hear all of the beautiful words each of your family members has shared for the month.  Whether someone is thankful for relatives, a toy, or an event that occurred on a particular day, it will be a delight to relive those thoughts together.  Moreover, it will build a habit in your children.  Your children will learn that regardless of how tough things may seem on a particular day we all have plenty for which we should be grateful.

I encourage you to try this small activity with your family.  Expressing and feeling gratitude is what brings humanity together.  This activity will give you a glimpse into the hearts of your family members while also giving you the opportunity to share your sentiments with them.

There is so much to give thanks for each day.  Reflect and have fun.

~By Diana P. a “mamá latina”

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