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Día de Muertos Stories and Songs

Share with your children Día de Muertos stories and songs. It is a great way to introduce children to this beautiful and ancient indigenous tradition. My book recommendation has a mix of spanish, bilingual and english books. All books are fantastic and I have used them in class with my students.

… Al sonar las doce de la noche las calaveras salen a pasear… Con canciones humorísticas y decoraciones coloridas es como celebramos está gran tradición. El Día de Muertos es una celebración mexicana que honra a nuestros seres amados, que ya se han ido.

Aquí tenemos un par de cuentos y una canción para que compartas con tus estudiantes e hijos en casa.


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Yo Recuerdo a Abuelito
Un cuento del Día de los Muertos
By Janice Levy
I Remember Abuelito: A Day of the Dead Story / Yo Recuerdo a Abuelito: Un Cuento del Día de los Muertos (Spanish and English Edition)  Día de Muertos Stories and Songs

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El Día de los Muertos a Bilingual Celebration
Bob Barner
El dia de los muertos / The Day of the Dead (Spanish Edition)  Día de Muertos Stories and Songs

  Día de Muertos Stories and Songs  Día de Muertos Stories and Songs
Uncle Monarch and the Day of the Dead
Judy Goldman
Uncle Monarch and the Day of the Dead  Día de Muertos Stories and Songs


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Una canción fácil y con un gran ritmo
An easy and great song to celebrate “Día de los Muertos”

Las Calaveras Salen a Pasear
Al sonar las doce de la noche
Las calaveras salen a pasear
Muy contentas se suben a su coche
En bicicleta y también a patinar.
Tumba, tumba, tumba vacía
Ciérrate ya que viene la fría
Jajaja que risa me da
Jajaja no me alcanzará.

Lastly but not least we have some free beautiful día de los muertos printables.

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Simple Back to School Tips for Parents

La Maleta, El Area de Trabajo, y Los Días de la Semana!

What is the solution for your child’s success when going back to school?… Below are three easy back to school tips for parents by Diana P. a “mamá latina” of two on how she helps herself, her child and their teacher have a smooth transition into the new school year. 

~A new school year is here!  It is the perfect time for families to establish new routines to prepare for a successful school year.  To help get your families get ready for school, I have listed an easy top three list that is sure to make your child’s school year as easy as the ABC’s.

  1. Buy a backpack with ONE zipper/pocket.  One!  Not two, three or nine zippers and pockets.  A simple backpack with one zipper will make finding homework, permission slips and lunch money easier for you, your child and his teacher.  Yes, sometimes the teacher wants a signed permission slip only to have the child tell his teacher that he cannot find it in his backpack.  Guess who has to fish through his backpack at school?  Now imagine if each of her 25 students asked for her help with their backpacks?  Let’s make everyone’s life easier and buy a backpack with ONE zipper, and therefore ONE pocket!
  2. Have a designated spot at home for the backpack.  A handy place to keep it is where the child will do her homework.  The child can take her homework out, complete it, and put it in the backpack when she is done.  In the morning, your child will know exactly where her backpack is located.  There won’t be a need for The Great Backpack Expedition before each school day in search of the backpack that needs to get to school, too.
  3. One word – CALENDAR!  Get your child used to being responsible for his own school schedule and items.  Schools are teaching this as young as Kindergarten!  A small wall calendar designated specifically for school will do the trick.  For the children that cannot read yet, draw a book on the day of the week that his class has library day, or a ball on days gym class requires him to wear sneakers.  Calendars work well with the older kids, too.  If your child has music class, swim practice, or a big assignment due, a visual will help keep the child on task.  Plus, the calendar will help your child get ready the night before.  On Monday night, if your child sees he has library scheduled the next day, he will be responsible for making sure his library books are in his backpack.

Enjoy this school year as your child embarks on another year of learning and growth, and may these tips make the journey a little smoother.  Happy School Year!~ Diana P.

Did we hear, teach young children the days of the week? The Monarca Language educational material includes the days of the week worksheets for your child. Es facil! Lunes, Martes, Miércoles…and check out our free printables too.

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Trabalenguals or twist your tongue…Learn spanish and practice pronunciation with a fun activity.

Twist your tongue or traba tu lengua with a trabalengua a tongue twister, you can do it and so can your kids!

A fun way to learn spanish and practice pronunciation is with a tricky rhyme or tongue twisters, un trabalenguas. Not only will this be a very engaging and fun activity for children but it has many long term benefits such as;

Escuchamos 300x294 Trabalenguals or twist your tongue...Learn spanish and practice pronunciation with a fun activity.

Practice Spanish, listening skills and focus with a tongue twister.


  • Stimulates memory
  • Strengthens listening perception
  • Builds focus and concentration
  • Improves pronunciation and articulation
  • Boosts confidence

Make sure you start slowly, and remember to repeat many times. Don’t worry about making mistakes because everyone makes mistakes, it’s part of the fun.



You will have fond memories of these rhymes for years to come and so will your students or children.

These are some of the trabalenguas I remember from my childhood.

Tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo en un trigal en tres tristes trastos.
En tres tristes trastos tragaban trigo tres tristes tigres.

R con r cigarro,
r con r barril,
rápido ruedan los carros, 
cargados de azúcar del ferrocarril.

Cómpadre, cómpreme un coco,
cómpadre, no compro coco
porque como poco coco como
poco coco compro.

For more creative, fresh, interactive teaching tools and material become a member of Monarca Language.




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Great movies for niños

Movies are a great tool to learn about the world, understand a culture, learn or practice a new language.

Check out these new great movies for niños:



A fantastical journey into the world of a ten-year-old girl who, following a playground skirmish, is given the weirdest punishment in the history of weird punishments.

Un viaje fantástico al mundo de una niña de diez años quién, tras una escaramuza en el recreo, recibe el castigo más raro en la historia de los castigos raros.


Amadeo is a shy boy that spends his time ruling the foosball table in the back room of his parents’ café, where he has customized the tiny footballers with little uniforms and hairstyles, and individualized personalities to match.

Amadeo es un chico tímido pero virtuoso que deberá enfrentarse al más temible rival sobre una cancha de fútbol: el Crack.


Naughty twins Zip & Zap are punished and sent to summer school at Hope, a strict re-education center run by Falconetti, who rules with a heavy hand and an eyepatch and forbids all forms of recreation and entertainment.

Zipi y Zape, dos traviesos mellizos, son internados en el Esperanza, un colegio donde los juegos están prohibidos.

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