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Summertime Play

During the summer months we have more opportunities to play outside and learn with our bodies! There are many fun outdoor activities that promote math and science.

Use some chalk to draw shapes on the ground. Let your child hop from circle to square to traingle and star and start all over again. Need a little more challenge? Draw a pattern and jump in the circles, dance on the squares and hop on the triangles.

chalk Summertime Play

How about making a chocolate melting s’more using the sun as an oven? Talk to your child about what happen to the s’more and why they think it melts.

Let’s not forget about water play. Important math concepts are learned with water such as floating and not floating, shallow and deep, empty and full, heavy and light. Water play promotes problem solving skills, critical thinking and creativity. If you are going to the beach or just going for a swim at your local pool bring some differnt size buckets and obejcts and talk about all these important concepts.

pinit fg en rect red 28 Summertime Play

Creative Learning

Craft and art making is fun and stress free! Through creative art, children learn to express their ideas and feelings in a positive manner. As you can imagine, there are many great skills and abilities developed when creating beautiful crafts and art projects – but a very special skill that we more than ever need to foster is  concentration and preservation. These days, with all of the overstimulation coming from the many technological devises our children interact with, there is little room to develop true attention skills. Crafts can take many time to create and repetitive steps to complete and our attention and concentration skills become active and strengthened. Other skills that are developed through art are:

  • Self-confidence
  • Problem-sloving
  • Critical thinking
  • Fine-motor skills

To foster art at home, you don’t need a big space or to create a big mess (but if you do, see Puffy Paint recipe to the right)! Simple tools are great: children-sized scissors, crayons, paper, glue, old magazines, clay, recycle materials, home-made paint, brushes, etc.

pinit fg en rect red 28 Creative Learning